A person’s emotional being is like an ocean. The people in your life are separated into three different categories. You have the sailors: they won’t touch the water. They opt to stay inside the boat. These people are your acquaintances, or “surface” friends, and they never make it deep.
You then have the snorkelers. These are the friends who want to go deep, but don’t have the emotional capacity to carry the pressure and weight. If they make an attempt, they either drown or are forced to go back to the surface for oxygen.
Finally, let’s talk about the deep sea divers. These are the people who stay with you through storms and violent waters, and they aren’t afraid to dive to the darkest parts of the ocean floor: they stay with you, in the water, through the worst times. They aren’t afraid to call out your bullshit. They’re the people who are there for you no matter what happens.
We all need the third type of people in our lives.
Yahya Bakkar (via psych-facts)

The people in my life.

There are times when I feel lonely. More lonely than I can handle. I don’t know what to do with myself and my mind goes into the deepest, darkest, scariest place of my soul and I lose myself. I forget why I have any reason to be happy. I forget all the amazing things I have been blessed with in my life. I forget why I chose to be who I am.

And I just cry. I cry and I cry and I cry. I feel worthless. Less than human. I feel completely fucking pathetic. But as I sit there crying, thinking of all the terrible things that have happened in my life, I realize that I have everything. I realize that I’m one of the luckiest girls in the entire universe. (That’s a lot, btw.) 

There are so many people that are on call to be there for me. Any time of day, any time of night. I can just call and tell them how I’m feeling. No shame. No fear. No regrets. Just openness. I can put myself out there. I can explain the fire burning inside of me. I can call them and go on and on about silly, irrational things while I’m blubbering on the line. And you know what? They never have anything negative to say to me. They are behind me 100%. They tell me I’m smart and beautiful and free-spirited and that the things I’m facing now aren’t as big as they seem. That I will overcome these things. That this too shall pass.

They help me get by. They listen, they understand, and they love. I don’t know where I would be without you people. I don’t know how I could live without you. You are everything to me and I’d be nothing without you. Thank you guys. All of you. (I know most of you will never read this. You aren’t on Tumblr and that’s ok. I just wanted you to know.)

As for you. Yeah, you. The one who answers my calls at 11p even though you were up at 4am for class, work, babies, ect and oh yeah it’s your birthday, not mine anymore. But you reached out to me when I asked for help. You are truly one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve given you no reason to care about me. No reason. And despite that, you still helped me. You talked to me and you comforted me. You were there for me. You helped me get by. Even if only for the night, it was you. Of all people. I cannot thank you enough. You are amazing.

Brandon who?